The newest model in the OttoView data logger family that supports both light-duty and heavy-duty vehicle connections. This model is being used in Transport Canada’s Canadian Vehicle Use Study (CVUS) and in other naturalistic driving research studies in North America.

The multi-protocol OttoView-CVS44 data logger starts up and shuts down with the vehicle’s ignition and operates with standard ICE and also hybrid vehicles. OttoView incorporates a 3.5″ color TFT display with touch screen functionality and is configured to display numerous vehicle metrics including fuel and operational costs, fuel economy and CO2 emissions, coolant temperature, and others. The data logger will also provide in-vehicle driving alerts when exceeding the speed limit and when approaching community safe zones or hazardous intersections (where coverage maps exist).

GPS position, vehicle diagnostic information, and driver-entered information can also be transmitted over a cellular network using the Ottotracker web service for real-time location tracking, vehicle use reporting and for on-screen dispatch messaging.

Key Features

Multi-protocol Vehicle Interface Technology

Compliant with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J1979, J1939 & J1708 standards. The device will auto-detect the mode of operation based on the cable type connected to the vehicle.

Real-time Tracking

By combining GPS and cellular technology into a single device, your vehicle is automatically tracked the moment it starts moving.

Continuous Data Logging

Detailed data logs stored on a memory card provide valuable statistics about vehicle performance and driver behavior.

Vehicle Dispatch

Send and receive short messages from any vehicle at any time, no need for a secondary dispatch system or cellphone text messaging.

Trip Reports

Analyze your vehicle's usage patterns and improve efficiency. Automatically generate mileage reports for taxation and auditing.

Driving Assistance

Warns you when exceeding the speed limit or when approaching hazardous areas. Audible warnings help keep your eyes on the road.

Performance Display

Instantly shows you fuel economy, CO2 emissions, idling time, trip cost, and more.

Road Roughness

Using the built-in accelerometer, display and log road roughness, forward/braking events, and lateral acceleration.