Further Information

A web-based software application and database that provides a simple and easy-to-use device and system management dashboard.

GPS position, vehicle diagnostic information, and driver-entered information are transmitted over a cellular network and stored in the Ottotracker database. Users access the data using any web-enabled device and web browser to view real-time location tracking, trip statistics and vehicle performance and to dispatch and respond to messages.


Secure and Authorized Access: Secure web access with two viewing levels – administrative and participant. Ottotracker will only accept and store data from registered devices with valid authentication codes.

Easy to use: Web browser interface using any web-enabled device that accesses a simple dashboard interface for navigating, report generation, and system maintenance functions.

Real-time tracking: Locate, communicate with, and manage the devices deployed in your project.

Vehicle dispatch: Send and receive short messages to and from any device at any time.

Continuous data logging: Storage of detailed data logs on the Ottotracker database that includes GPS position and calendar information as well as participant and vehicle performance data.

Trip reports: Analyze the participant’s or vehicle’s usage patterns and improve efficiency by viewing performance reports.

Survey Questionnaires: Develop surveys that can be downloaded by iOS smartphones and presented to participants at the start of each day/trip.

Geofencing: Create geofence areas for each device and configure action triggers when entering/exiting the geofence areas.