Further Information

OttoMobile uses the GPS receiver on your smartphone to display speed, compass and trip statistics.

If you subscribe to a data plan, you can also take advantage of vehicle location tracking that allows you to configure how often to transmit your location to the ottomobile web server. The last 10 positions are maintained on the server to allow anyone that you authorize to locate you to do so. The main benefit is the peace-of-mind resulting from the knowledge that access to your whereabouts is available at any time and road side assistance or emergency assistance could be easily dispatched if necessary.

To further enhance your driving experience, you will receive speeding notifications and other location-based alerts with voice, sound and visual feedback in real-time as you drive about the community. The maps contain community-specific information that include speed limits, school zones, playgrounds, hazardous intersections, wildlife crossing, crosswalks, and photo-enforced (red light camera) intersections. The main benefit is the driving assistance and coaching, making you more aware of your surroundings and reducing your speeding infractions. Ultimately, you will drive smarter and more confidently.

Ottomobile 2.0 is currently under development and includes battery saving logic, survey questionnaires, and geo-fencing alerts.

Key Features


Alerts for speeding, school zone and playground areas, crosswalks, hazardous intersections, wildlife crossings and even red-light camera controlled intersection locations.

Real-Time Tracking

OttoHeartbeat real-time location tracking that sends your location to a secure website, where your family and friends can keep track of your whereabouts (with data plan and where cell phone coverage is available).

Trip Logging

Trip logging with real-time trip information, post trip statistics including trip mileage, and trip trace routes on a map.