Further Information

The Otto-driving companion® was designed to promote safe driving by complementing existing roadway signage. Otto includes a digital speed map of the posted speed limits in the community along with a number of designated safety zone points of interest including Red Light Camera-controlled intersections. Otto is also an autonomous data logger and records where and how quickly the vehicle was driven. This information can be used to keep track of vehicle use, either for business purposes or for personal interest.

The soon-to-be released Personal Data Logger (PDL50) builds upon the Otto experience and incorporates a re-chargeable battery, Bluetooth® connectivity for data uploads and  device management, and a mating connection to the Ottogateway beacon receiver.


Key Features

Customization & Updates

Connects to your PC to update the municipal map and personalize the device (requires an Internet connection)

Data Logging

Records the vehicle's position and speed and allows the user to upload the data log to the myottomate.com website to generate form reports and to view the trips on GoogleEarth™ (requires an Internet connection).

Hazard Alerts

Alerts you to potentially hazardous locations including: photo-enforced intersections, hazardous intersections, school areas, pedestrian corridors, playgrounds, deer crossings.

Speed Alerts

Alerts you when you are travelling faster than the speed limit reducing tendencies to speed when unaware of your speed or the speed limit.

Speed Limits

Tells you the speed limit on any street within the digital speed map. This benefits you by potentially saving you money, the hassle, and the embarrassment of getting a speeding ticket.