Further Information

OTSS has over a decade of development and field deployment success. Our goal is to give the capability to make better decisions from better data collected through the use of a better solution.

OTSS provides a data collection and analysis platform that can accommodate the data needs of a wide range of stakeholders collaborating together in the same travel study. The combination of more accurate spatial-temporal data along with reduced respondent burden allows for multi-day data collection that can support reductions in required sample sizes and a resulting cost offset.

Transportation Planning and Modeling

The purpose of the Otto Travel Study Solution (OTSS) is to enable better decision making in transportation planning using better data from multi-modal data sources.

Transportation Research Studies

Otto Travel Study Solution (OTSS) provides the capability to do better research with better outcomes using more reliable and accurate data collection and data management methods.

Travel Survey Automation

Otto Travel Study Solution (OTSS) allows consultants and practitioners to automate the travel survey data collection and analysis process.