Further Information

OFMS is a solution for research projects and small-medium enterprise (SME) fleets that:

  • Require real-time participant/driver performance monitoring.
  • Account for the safety of the drivers through vehicle tracking and simple dispatch messaging.
  • Maintain a diary of vehicle-use for business purposes using trip information.
  • Minimize operating costs to improve business profitability.
The OFMS solution consists of devices, smartphone applications, and a web application capable of communicating with the devices and smartphones over a GSM-GPRS wireless cellular network.

The devices use GPS information for position and speed, and vehicle diagnostic information for fuel economy and other vehicle performance metrics. The smart phone applications use the GPS information only. The cellular network is used to communicate with the devices for position and vehicle diagnostic information as well as providing a messaging channel for emergency and business-specific communications. The devices and smartphones require a data plan and the trip details and messaging are optimized to reduce the amount of data transmitted through the network.

Features and Benefits

The PERSENTECH OFMS solution is designed to address the researchers and SME needs with the following benefits:

  • Safety:
    • Lone worker location information and emergency alert notifications.
    • In-vehicle driving assistance notification of speed limits, certain road hazards and safety zones, and red light camera intersections in mapped coverage areas helps prevent fines and collisions.
  • Cost savings:
    • Real-time vehicle performance displayed fuel economy, carbon emissions and idling feedback to help influence driving behaviour and vehicle operating costs.
    • Data usage over wireless network optimized to minimize charges and can be configured by the user according to the desired frequency of position, trip, and messaging information.
  • Vehicle use and expense tracking:
    • Collects vehicle usage, fuel costs and maintenance costs incurred while operating a vehicle for business and personal purposes.
    • Identifies vehicle abuse and driving behaviour characteristics.
    • Generates trip reports required for tax-related vehicle expense purposes.
  • Simple and easy to use:
    • A portable device that can be easily installed in any vehicle and moved to any other vehicle without requiring professional installation services.
    • A web browser interface to locate, communicate with, and monitor the use of the fleet vehicles.